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Serving West Essex, NJ
The Caldwells
Glen Ridge
The Oranges
Cedar Grove
Essex Fells
Little Falls
and beyond

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Imagine a synagogue that serves as the warm hearth of your spiritual home. Imagine a house of worship whose comforting embrace fuels your spirituality. Imagine a congregation whose members greet you as family and who respect your manner of worship and degree of participation. If that is the synagogue you’ve been searching for…Welcome. You have just imagined Congregation Beth Ahm.

Congregation Beth Ahm is a growing conservative synagogue drawing members from its location in Verona, New Jersey and from the surrounding West Essex communities and beyond.

Our services meld the traditional with the progressive, creating an atmosphere of contemporary Jewish enrichment. Beth Ahm is a synagogue that completes the search for all those seeking to nourish their Judaic roots, whether spiritually, religiously or culturally. We are fully egalitarian, welcome member participation at all levels and strive to insure that all ideas, points of view and suggestions are heard and respectfully considered.

The synagogue’s Children’s Learning Center is a vibrant hub of activity where decades of learning by rote have been swept away and where students actually look forward to coming to class. The Hebrew language and Jewish culture are presented in a way makes learning the joy it should be, not the chore it has been for so long. Bar and Bat Mitzvah training is an organic step in the student’s Jewish education and prepares students with skills that will be theirs for a lifetime.

Our congregation is an intimate community in which people come first, believing strongly that in the spectrum of Jewish values, there is none greater than that of Gemilut Chassadim, the deeds of care and lovingkindness. Accordingly, we are proud for our synagogue to serve not only its own members, but also the community at large, acting as a meeting place for numerous self-help and support groups and organizations.

Come share the excitement and join the Beth Ahm community where you will find:

  • Our compassionate, dynamic, and visionary Rabbi
  • Our Cantor who weaves new musical ideas into a seamless tapestry with traditional themes
  • Our lay leadership and other volunteers with the gifts of talent, vision and expertise
  • An Adult Education program that is wide-ranging, enriching and stimulating
  • Monthly family Shabbat Service dinners

If you are ready to be embraced by a welcoming Jewish community, please stop by and visit us. We just may be what you’ve been looking for all along.

56 Grove Avenue
Verona, NJ 07044


Formerly the Jewish Community Center of Verona

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